Which website promotion method is worth the time and effort

do my own American panda forum for several years, and tried a lot of different ways to promote the site, here we talk about my experience:

first to talk about trying to avoid the promotion:

1. Blog (blog) – the specific approach is to other people’s blog message, by the way to leave their own web site. It can be said that the vast majority of the blog’s traffic is not large, and you go to the message is very easy to be deleted after bloggers. Some people would say that I went to get a blog, their own message links. I can only say that if you are willing to go to try it, however, purely advertising, rather than the personal life of the blog is easy to be deleted blog site management. Moreover, you get a new blog and there is no traffic and search engine weight, the actual help on your site is not large. It will take time and effort to promote and attract people to your blog. It’s better to use this time and energy to promote your website.

2. Guestbook (message book) although the traffic will be larger than the blog, but basically are to increase their external links and spam. How many people are really going to go to the book, and the personal experience from the top of the guestbook is basically the idea of spam on your site. You don’t want your website to be filled with all sorts of junk ads that affect your website image!

3. Site directory (Directories) in addition to domz and Yahoo and other authoritative Directories on your traffic and the weight of the search engine is not much help. But the domz threshold is high, the basic personal website is not easy to achieve, unless you do some of the popular website. Yahoo is the charge, for most of the website submitted and ask yourself, how often do you use a Yahoo Web Directory to find the website they want


of course, these sites to promote the way of the new site, there is a certain help. A little later than any link completely no external links. And these methods are relatively simple and convenient, and can give your site to add some basic external connection, at least let the search engine to find your site.

below to enter the focus of this article, talk about a more effective way to promote the site:

which sites to promote the effect of a better way?

1. Forum (Forums). Of course, the total number of forums or need to have a choice, the most important is the relevance of your own site and the popularity of the forum. Specific operation or skill. First of all, how to find the forum site, if you do not know how to find, I can tell you a place

(168 Review Forums > Websites > Websites (Chinese) > Forum>

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