Pony song the so-called marketing dull and no wonder

today I know almost someone asked me this question, how to become a marketing expert, although I am not a master, but I observe a lot of master behavior, or harvest.

about marketing, my conclusion is that if you do three simple things that most people can’t do, you can be a marketing expert:

1, read the classic works in this field.

2, effective reading.

3, back to common sense and simple cognitive level.

the first point is very easy, in fact, the various schools of MBA teaching materials are selected for the classic works.

but the problem is that you have not read, or really understand the meaning of. Sometimes it is because the teacher is not good, because the teacher did not understand. I believe that everyone has the ability to know what is the most classic piece of work in this field, but you may not be willing to read it because it takes a long time.

classic theory of no problem, just a lot of people will want to get a quick promotion method, see the book two months in a hurry to detect that he is not there to enhance the speed of the greedy mentality, often hurt yourself.

is so bad that we don’t want to read, we just want to find a shortcut.

second is not easy, we have been educated from childhood, reading comprehension is a serious lack of.

a student, can only read the articles on the textbook, only in accordance with the teacher to focus on understanding an article. This led to our day after reading is a problem, the result is, we read a lot of books, this is the result: I know, but not what egg.

as many people have read Kotler’s "marketing management", also know that there is a 4P theory, but everyone in about marketing, said in the words like this: we are good, but not marketing.

In fact, you look at the

book, 4P P is the first theory about the product, almost all the people, including those of the I, after reading the book "marketing management", still think marketing is creative, advertising, public relations, event marketing.

because we often have their own views in the book, did not think carefully in this book to say every word. Again, the basic theory of marketing is 4P, 4P is the most basic P products.

of course, the marketing department’s duties in this book are also given, if you carefully read this book, you will be startled at, why marketing departments need to do these things? I don’t reveal the answer, do you want to know the answer, just to read.

effective reading is really very difficult, it is more difficult to do.

a lot of people have studied consumer behavior, but they want to make friends, students, and so on

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