Timseo how to survive and promote my movie station

movie station easy traffic, traffic growth speed, which is already known. From the end of last year to the domestic crackdown is not allowed to do a movie station, in the country, almost no movie station living space. A lot of the film station to give up, but also a large part of the choice of moving the site to a foreign country, not subject to domestic constraints.

when I last April began operating a movie station, looking for a ASP film program, collecting film, and then began to regularly update the film, and then modify the film title, the film profile, website optimization. Other time do link, write a little soft, increase external links. Surprisingly, in April the end of the month PR update, I rose to PR4 directly from the PR0, I also know the PR meaning is not very big, only used as exchange link weights. About 2 to 3 months later, I collected soared, Google included tens of thousands, Baidu included more than 10 thousand parts, and get a good ranking promotion, HD movies best, Baidu home row third, total daily traffic 8000-13000. Later, because the work is busy, there is not much time to maintain, promote, ranking has declined, the flow also maintained 2000-3000.

at the end of last year, the domestic pressure, the country has not been able to find the space to put the movie station, the analysis of the current situation, decided to give up the site, give up the domain name. Because the new network COM domain name, do not know what time China give you hold, you have no place to argue. So during the operation of other sites have been slim, rest.

then think not, now the domestic movie station can not do, after all, drained a large part of the movie station, and then continue to do so, in theory, the competitive advantage of small lot, and the increasing demand of the users is still. One does not do, two endlessly, bought a foreign VPS, registered in the domain name Godaddy, the beginning of my career in the second film station. I also bought 2 spare domain and the standby IP, has prepared a possible period of want or need. Currently online from the site up to now, there are almost 2 months time, the current flow of about 2000-3000, to share some of my own promotion.

(1) forum, Baidu Post Bar promotion:

I usually put some of the most popular movies, TV series, also with posters, profiles, reviews with the post, the effect is good, great flow in Post Bar, but pay special attention to post quality, a lot of time advertising component too much garbage delete you anyway.

(2), Soso Ask the question inquiry community promotion:

this method can insist, in addition to the promotion of the website, it can obtain a lot of external links, or that sentence should be sincere, a lot of movies currently only TS version, DVD version of the HD to others, say no, don’t give people a TS version of the first link, behind the remarks said DVD HD. Is not always easy to cheat. I am so sincere, often adopted by the landlord, set to a satisfactory answer

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