Easy to get a WeChat circle of friends

what is the most fire in 2014, I believe that the first time you think is the micro business and from the media it really in the micro business in 2014 and the media from the fire, we talk about the most is the two categories. Today, I will not talk from the media, I come to talk to you about micro business. Share a way to promote WeChat circle of friends.

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!We know that in

do QQ space marketing need to buy a yellow diamond, so that we can add a signature in the signature, we can add advertising information when users look into space through the dynamic mobile phone when you can see our release to talk about or log below the signature of advertising information.

then the problem, WeChat circle of friends can we join our advertising information like QQ signature like? The answer is yes, can be like a QQ signature, after all, WeChat is a heavy marketing life, frequent brush circle of friends advertising is very annoying trick, need the life of a little, but we can also promote our own products in the publication of life information. Here I will give you talk about how to join the circle of friends in WeChat QQ like a signature file.

first step: open WeChat, into the discovery, as follows:


second step: click on the upper right corner of the camera icon, as follows:


third step: add a photo to the circle of friends, as follows:


fourth step: click on the current position, as follows:

fifth step: in the search to fill in your advertising information, point search, as follows:


sixth step: create a new location, as follows:


seventh step: fill in the basic location information, click finish, as follows:


eighth step: advertising information has been added to fill in the release, as follows:


ninth step: view the final effect, as follows:



method here introduced over, I believe we have also enlightened it, think of the original WeChat circle of friends can do advertising.

finally told the majority of micro business friends, WeChat is a heavy marketing of life, do not

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