Camel 380 million behind the market behind the double what to do

As of 2012

Tmall double eleven first breakthrough 100 million yuan in sales of the clothing brand, onlookers have higher expectations of the camel double eleven this year’s performance, but also deliver the goods camel again and refresh the performance, to achieve single day sales of 380 million. Tmall is behind the camel dominating the traditional brand for intuitive case of the electricity supplier channels attention and return, three consecutive years of double eleven soaring performance had to let the traditional brand of the camel during the double eleven do what curious.

The initial

electricity supplier

camel on 2009 officially contacted the electricity supplier, from the initial 3 to the present nearly a thousand people, as a traditional outdoor brand, camel has a line of stores under the line in 2012, the total turnover of the line on the line has reached 3 billion. Exploration is not a camel in the field of business Everything is going smoothly., encountered many difficulties at the beginning of the initial stage of development of electrical contacts, also suffered a shock when the traditional enterprise common problems, the first is the lack of talent, followed by high and lack of understanding of the electricity supplier, only to Taobao as a channel inventory cleaning line, is to bring the traditional internal department of resistance factors lead to 09 years when the camel Taobao shop almost no substantial sales, this result is forcing the camel to rethink the direction of electricity providers.

in fact, the most difficult is not a phenomenon after the appearance of a camel showing difficulties, but behind the crowd do not understand the online shopping, which led to the initial camel line products are not suitable for online shoppers. Since the beginning of the camel is selling line of stock products, style mature side, did not consider the age structure of online shopping population, lack of knowledge on the Internet aesthetic angle, is almost zero in the fashion elements of product investment, which leads to the early camels did not open electricity market situation.

aware of problems will make improvements, then the camel slowly in the goods to make some adjustments to the development and production of network, some special products, so the price and products with a line segment. A brand online and offline two styles, both to meet the needs of online shopping consumers, but also effectively avoid the conflict between the online and offline price system. This is a bold attempt in the traditional brand operation environment at that time, style differences between online and offline way may affect the brand, and special additional cost for the design of new business, but the camel adventure has been largely successful.


after the strategic direction of the adjustment in April 2010, Tmall officially entered the camel began to increase the network for investment products, after more than 1 years of exploration has finally become the first brand of Tmall shoes.

describes the history of camel business started above the road, and the current integrity during the double eleven, double eleven of people may be more during the past three years the camel how to achieve amazing sales are more interested in, this is mainly due to do adequate preparation in marketing and customer service on the camel.

refresh sales

over the past three years, camel Tmall dual sales activities during the period of, respectively, in 2011

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