Mobile nternet Era

      wireless access (including mobile Internet) has become a new access mode. If the broadband gives people the feeling is fast, wireless (including mobile Internet), especially in the mobile phone as the terminal wireless access is a prominent feature of convenience". Internet users often use the access mode, the wireless access ratio has exceeded 1/3 (34.3%), which is the main way to the mobile phone for the wireless terminal access, access ratio has reached 27.3%. Wireless access to its particularity to meet some of the specific needs of users, access to rapid development. In time, once the breakthrough speed, tariff and content restrictions, wireless access, especially mobile phone Internet, will be a gushing from the market. The mobile phone number of Internet users has the potential growth is raging like a storm. This is the report of the 20 Internet survey content, is also the most dazzling change.

      mobile era really came, then as a personal webmaster should we seize this opportunity? How to grasp it? We should first analyze the characteristics and advantages of mobile, and then look for potential customers to analyze their needs and provide the right content. Of course, I said that the WAP era is not the SP era, SP era of illegal profiteering by cheating in the current era of WAP has not been able to pass, and now we have to provide the majority of mobile customers useful content.

      according to statistics I put our wireless users are divided into 2 main categories: first, fashion users. Two. Business users. Now these two categories we analyze: Fashion users, the wireless market is a large proportion of the user base, they want to be able to enjoy a variety of interesting life and convenient anytime, anywhere. For example, with dazzling ring, can watch movies online, online songs, and not spend big money to buy things like mp3. Of course, they want to play a variety of games through the phone, but now the phone hardware constraints. In addition to the advantages of our mobile also has some disadvantages, this is mainly in the terminal equipment we don’t have enough to meet the needs of people, ordinary mobile phone on the Internet look like text data can be, but if you want to see the movie, do not feel so cool, after all, the screen is too small. A friend of mine said that taking a cell phone to see a horror film, but see the effect of the joke. The operation on the phone is not a very convenient thing, how to do so that the friends of the wireless Internet to find what they want to do is what we have to consider the wireless users. Fashion users are basically young people and students, so we have to consider their consumption characteristics, specifically what I do not say. Business users, such users are usually frequent business trips, although they are small, but there is a lot of potential wealth, because they are generally strong spending power. But this kind of site into the threshold may be relatively high, but also a lot of entrepreneurial friends easily ignored users. This kind of site’s profit model is completely different from the first user, because they can’t

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