Daily topic millet hand behind the thunder this is a win-win deal!

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 6th news, recent news that the introduction of thunder millet strategic investment negotiations to be reached, the amount of investment between 2-3 billion dollars, millet stake after the investment of about 20-30%. Although the parties have not been confirmed, but this rumor as early as the end of last year has been reported.

at the end of last year, there came the millet and thunder has launched the capital level contact news, news that the two sides will closely connected to a plurality of video resources, Download acceleration etc.. Moreover, the thunder and millet had reached a cooperation in the router, the thunder to provide storage and other software services to accelerate millet router and Thunder KanKan content services.

June 2011, the thunder had submitted to the U.S. SEC in NASDAQ listed on the application, at that time, the thunder in the prospectus will own packaging for "digital media consumer Internet platform, a bit empty, but it is said that the thunder is a content based company. At that time, the thunder’s revenue, more than half of the video viewing is downloaded from the advertising service, so that the thunder is a video company, content companies. Prior to this, the thunder’s biggest rival Youku has taken the same position on the successful settlement of the NYSE, coupled with the stock market suffered a crisis. So even if the rate has been ahead of the opponent to achieve profitability of the thunder, the value has been underestimated, so finally gave up the IPO. Not only that, there are still a variety of copyright infringement issues.

previously listed on the United States after repeatedly crashed, the thunder in recent years by the gradual completion of business restructuring business model transformation. From 2011 to the present listing of defeat, the thunder’s business has undergone a fundamental change, from digital media consumer Internet platform "into a" cloud acceleration platform ", and the product line has been engaged in intensive adjustment, in order to escape from the quagmire of piracy, thunder castrated a series of products, and cut a complicated offshoot finally, return to the" cloud ".

Youku and other video sites with the box and gradually increase the competition between the end users in the living room, 2014 video website boxes and smart TV war situation has triggered at any moment now millet hardware sales, leading is not dependent on the function of the product, but through the design and marketing of millet mobile phone and the accumulation of a large number of fans, but the two levels of fluency and the content of richness is millet products in the soft underbelly of the living end. Thunder KanKan and millet box, millet Internet TV cooperation, both beneficial to millet, but also to help get the thunder to seize the user’s living room side of the ticket.

cooperation will integrate the advantages of both sides, covering more people, for both sides, is a good try." Analysys International analyst Pang Yiming told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, millet can share thunder’s video content resources, and through its channel, which broadcast in television millet, millet and millet box terminals such as mobile phone, which is also conducive to the millet.

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