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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network August 24th news, O2O has penetrated all walks of life, now more and more entrepreneurs take the O2O model as the direction of entrepreneurship, and the fresh O2O and attracting a large number of entrepreneurs to join even industry giants have also added fresh battlefield! Not to be optimistic about the fresh electricity supplier to join to attract a large number of enterprises?

O2O is popular not only entrepreneurs see giants naturally look in the eyes, Ali in 2013 the launch of the Tmall meow fresh green, Jingdong is in early August 2012 on the layout of the Jingdong of fresh channels. Last year, the country’s fresh electricity supplier transactions amounted to 26 billion yuan, an increase of more than 2013 of 100%." This is the monitoring data from the China Electronic Commerce Research center. The data show that the current Chinese fresh market size of nearly 1 trillion yuan, while electricity penetration of less than 3%, fresh electricity market capacity to an annual growth rate of 50% in 2018 is expected to break one hundred billion yuan of fresh electricity is still an urgent need to develop the blue ocean.

however, fruits and vegetables, meat and milk and other fresh foods as "special fast spoiled", heavy asset mode makes the existing electricity supplier B2C have to use the whole industry chain, that is to do their own procurement of goods from the upstream to downstream logistics all. A large number of inputs directly to the fresh electricity supplier labeled "burn" label.

marketing director Chen Jiajie: every orchard in terms of market share, the electricity supplier is now fruit from the ocean, barriers to entry, fruit electricity supplier has become fierce fighting in the Red Sea, because almost all of the fresh electricity are heavy asset mode, all carrysomething. "And it doesn’t burn," he said.

imagine, fresh food packaging needs two people, the need to build storage cold storage, distribution needs of the whole cold chain, so each link is money." Li Xiaoduo, general manager of the original network of life in North Korea bluntly, fresh electricity supplier threshold is very high, small entrepreneurial team is difficult to play down". The fresh electricity supplier logistics losses generally in 5% to 8%, and some even more than 10%, but also in the cold chain supply and high cost of logistics on the basis of the". For this reason, the weight of fresh electricity supplier moves slowly, and the platform of the electricity supplier to become an alternative resource options.

some exaggeration is that the country has not yet been 3000 fresh electricity supplier has a profit. The reason is that losing money earned crying, the potential market demand is huge. At present, the penetration of fresh e-commerce is only about 1%, far below the electronic products, clothing, cosmetics and other categories, the potential to be excavated. Fresh consumption and every year up to 7 tons, the electricity supplier industry continues to have a brilliant future, attracted a thorn to step on the military buildup, pathfinder.

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