360 issued a statement Tencent should be consciously faced with the user’s demands for supervision

[TechWeb] news news October 13th, 360 days ago announced the first national "privacy protection white paper", proposes the user supervision software behavior "two must" specification. 4 hours later, the Tencent Inc to the QQ product team name with pop to national QQ users to publish the statement.

360 this move, the company said in a statement, QQ suspected scanning user privacy is a long-standing problem of history, and stressed that QQ’s own security module to monitor their own can not convince the whole society.

below is the 360 product team statement full text:

1, QQ suspected scanning user privacy is a long-standing problem in history. From the beginning of 2003, there have been a large number of netizens and media reports: QQ personal information privacy was leaked, QQ strange closure, open the downloaded QQ file has been frozen, some could not open file, the default bundled with QQ’s own software…. Compared to about 300000000000 market capitalization of Tencent, ordinary computer users are vulnerable groups, has been in a passive position and helpless. 360 privacy protection is only to help the user to monitor the behavior of the abnormal behavior of small tools, whether or not peeping privacy by the user.

2, 600 million users have the right to monitor the privacy of their own privacy protection mechanism QQ. Currently, the number of QQ active accounts reached 612 million 500 thousand (according to Tencent earnings). Since the largest amount of QQ users, users can not be separated from the most private chat record / transfer files are also the most users, of course, have the right to monitor QQ. According to the 360 users using privacy protection monitoring, only QQ abnormal, Microsoft MSN, Ali Wangwang is not. Users use Microsoft Process Monitor, Comodo, QQ detective and other monitoring tools are also found similar behavior QQ.

3, QQ own security module to monitor their own can not convince the whole society. Why QQ still can not explain the majority of users of these questions is: QQ chat software or security software? Why QQ silent scanning users’ hard drives exist for a long time? Why not by the user to click on the automatic scanning and no progress? Why QQ and normal security software compared to the offbeat 24 hours at any time to scan? Why users test QQ and hard disk is got sweep not conventional Trojan? Why scanning is after the user password QQ? Why scan bind these behavior express user will never? All abnormal behavior can be attributed to "QQ security module", so the "supervision" and "security" is doubtful.

360 privacy protection launched only two weeks, the amount of downloads up to 80 million, indicating that the majority of users to protect the needs of personal privacy is urgent. Users not only to protect their own photos, videos and other privacy documents, but also strongly require the protection of their own online records, computer behavior trajectory, pan privacy". User privacy big pass, defend the users’ privacy is the basic social responsibility of all software companies, whether QQ, 360, or other software, we must make.

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