Stationmaster net broadcast Tianya to owners Porn sites in the end how powerful

1 micro business is not micro: trading year 65 billion yuan circle of friends micro business of 40 billion  

industry truth

micro business, a WeChat based on the realization of social sharing of goods, acquaintances and friends circle of new business model, is being touted. Recently, the "Chinese derivative Master show" forum held in Shenzhen, the reporter learned from the forum was informed that, at present there are about 10 million people do Chinese micro business, there are 10 million open micro shop, the transaction flow of about 65 billion yuan, of which 40 billion micro business circle of friends, micro shop 15 billion, Jingdong, pat WeChat shopping entrance accounting for about 10 billion. However, with the micro business barbaric growth, market will usher in a major reshuffle, the supervision department and the official WeChat began to explore, launched a series of strict control measures.

2." circle of friends " Mask truth survey: two months processed " international big name "  

WeChat in your circle of friends is a mask captured? If not, you may suggest that the circle of friends is too small. Recently, the Beijing News and Qing research think tank jointly launched a survey showed that 84.8% of people in the circle of friends to see someone selling mask.

circle of friends in the "Mask" how? Beijing News reporter survey found that through the network agency, to create a new "circle of friends" mask, company registration, from product design to final finished product sale, the fastest flow of less than two months. Some never heard of the name of "international big" by Hyun function, making the concept, and then through the layers of the limelight fare sold to consumers.

3 net exposure community "public transfer manual" traditional BBS has fallen  

with the rapid expansion of micro-blog, WeChat and other mobile social media, the traditional BBS has gradually declined. Now, even the domestic popular "Tianya community" is not in this trend.

latest news, micro-blog users @ ghost text just broke the news, Tianya suspected is seeking to transfer, the post comes with a photo, which shows a release by the end of the world community network science and technology limited company of "public transfer instructions".

4 senior students hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire the "Sohu" 2 letter domain name 

May 4th – the day before Tang Jianxiang, domain name investors with 6 digit price to win the "Sohu" 2 letter domain name

"2 letter domain name Sohu, Shanghai, harvest, life, society, smuggled goods" and other multiple meaning, is registered in 1996, suitable to build all kinds of website platform. In its related mainstream suffix domain name, in the last year to 10 million worth of P2>

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