Nora closed qvod service, riding the folks to do the bounce again

some things cannot help, such as eating and sleeping, for example. There is a place where there is a demand for the market, so no matter where the fire because of the normal sex. Nora today announced the closure of qvod, and then attracted netizens Tucao: "hooligan all forgot to build up the family fortunes folks", "I say I never abandon, near the growth of many years, I did not object, because of you, now you say go, go fuck you whining of a solemn pledge of love" 360 ", and Nora told us to do the rogue by early, early, late can be positive, always is a rogue……"

is really hate the sound of talent.

let’s stand up with marketing perspective, regardless of our positive road is smooth, the Nora "from" announcement is done in place.

a "Nirvana soon" the return of the prodigal son


announcement that the bear sin has two items: vulgar content and copyright issues, see what is the comments which are full of? Is full of vulgar content "is not far away from the house ah, our success will the announcement public eye always no traction to the debate on the" wrong "to leave a debate in a statement at the same time using the" debate "another netizen attention rain.

another voice: "I wonder, I also conduct, is not an express, what to pay attention to these unhealthy content, love, how can we find the." Vulgar content is always ultimately the market, and the more obscure things and is more suitable for the network and qvod, Nora is really positive network wind? Come on, who have the effort to do him long, there is always profitable business on the beacon.

Why is

so fast? After pocketed gold course or regular live long

the Internet is not carried out "pornography · 2014 net net action, even many websites frustrated is the crackdown tells us:" things "in Chinese never got on the table, not on the things of course still have broken the hall is wise. In 2010, the first to create a great sensation fenbei, music started 07 years extremely when choosing "video chat", after soaring, has not recovered fenbei lay naked chat site, finally died of "under" usury.

China can not afford to open the island’s economy, fast enough in the first pot of gold, but is eager to view in order to seek development.

network video earnings do well, Nora is also a challenge to

or Iqiyi, Youku potatoes or NetEase or Sohu video, video, network video resource is rich, but because of various problems, such as copyright industry competition, the profit model is not optimistic about the network video, video community a profit model of advertising before code

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