The marketing mode of nternet and SMS

      marketing model: Internet and mobile phone short message combined with

      we put forward the concept of precise database from last year, is the transition from precision marketing to the Internet, based on the database and key words of precision marketing, similar to the direct marketing of traditional advertising.

      business model is to combine the Internet with mobile phone text messages, the establishment of a relatively large text messaging and alliance platform. Is the development of small and medium-sized websites as a union, let users through this platform to send free text messages, send text messages in the process, with some advertisers advertising, the advertising is not easy, but the keyword based accurate matching advertising.

      (1) the degree of recognition generated during the chat

      specifically, is relying on the Internet, based on keyword matching ads. We send free text messages via the Internet, but through the mobile display. If we have a product called Q. In fact, the process of advertising chat, so we accept the degree is relatively high. The keyword search and matching process, so the bonding is also very high.

      (2) advertising words are matched to pay

      our way to pay is to go out to pay, is the effect oriented. For advertisers, even though he may not have to spend money to buy, and only his words were matched out to pay, which is more innovative in the model. Unlike the general advertising, as long as the show paid.

      our slogan is also based on matching keywords, called Baidu on the phone, similar to Baidu’s precision marketing concept, but we transition to the phone above.

      the realization of precision marketing

      database is related to the needs of the audience, such as eating is a restaurant, not only is the potential users, but once the purchase of the demand of the user, and then we design according to the customer requirements. Content sources have Internet platform, but also our own classification platform website, itself is to provide free information services to the public. Platform is a mobile client and a huge alliance platform. In this way, the audience, customers, content and platform to achieve these four common goals.

      service oriented advertisers comparison

      the industry is different, the current advertisers to service customers, >

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