Don’t tangle nternet public relations which strong public relations can do is the icing on the cake

Abstract: public relations basically can do is "perfect" type. Public relations can not be done from 0 to 1, it may be able to turn into a 10 (if very good), but from 0 to 1, it can not play at all.

I was learning to spread, and then read the direction of "integrated media management" (IMC, Integrated Media Management). This is not a literal meaning: how to manage a media. In fact, it is about how to "manipulate" a media, it is advertising, pr.

reading, I think, communication is the most important thing in the world. The Bible Babel story, actually also has a relationship and communication (God that humans have a different language, communication failure caused Babel engineering failure). Westerners each saw a new means of communication, to cheer this is a change in the world of things, I think, the estimate is subject to the influence of the tower of babel.

came to work for the Internet Co, although the so-called dry operation, but most of the time and is the company’s marketing department (in sales) cooperation, Party A to fix, do some party a PR case. Yes, the Internet Co is a public relations company. According to today’s fashion, is owned by 5 million media from the public relations planning company.

from school to practice, I for a long time and public relationship (in fact, it matters little, and advertising) also slightly later with his small reputation, know a lot of public relations. This includes Party A and Party B. I am even a marketing consultant, but also to provide some of the company’s marketing matters (mainly public relations) to provide intellectual support.

reason, I should advocate the importance of public relations.

but I’m feeling more and more public relations today, and it’s not a big deal.

companies can not do? Of course not.

is it important?.


recently in the know, someone asked a question: the evaluation of Internet public relations which is stronger.

has a deep impression on me.

it refers to two companies. One of the 360, the second Tencent. In response to the view, 360 of the public relations is not as good as we generally believe that, because at least in a lot of the Internet where the KOL, reputation is not good. The Tencent’s public relations, after the 3Q war, very good, he is considered the most outstanding Internet public relations.

I didn’t disagree with the answer. But I want to say is that you see the word of mouth is good and bad, in fact, and public relations, there is a relationship, but the relationship is not so strong.


first look at 360.

know it is

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