Mobile shop in the Triwizard era Baidu to regain the initiative

Sina Technology Zhang Nan

Baidu denounced the $1 billion 900 million acquisition of a wholly-owned 91 radio news, like a heavy bomb at China Internet market.


deal is not only the largest trading case China chaos of the mobile Internet market, but also more than 1 billion dollars in one fell swoop 2005 YAHOO acquisition of Alibaba records, becoming the biggest merger China Internet history.

five investment bank cautiously optimistic about

five investment banks on the Baidu shares of the wireless point of view summary


message is issued, five major Wall Street investment bank has issued a report on investment, said the investment case for cautious optimism, which Merrill Lynch and Citibank raised the rating or price target for Baidu, Deutsche Bank, Goldman and Morgan Stanley to maintain the original rating or price target unchanged.

of Goldman Sachs investment report that Baidu acquired video site PPS and app store 91 radio seems to be in the line of success, like Google YouTube and Google Play at present, the app store is Google’s products, and in the mobile product line driven by stock price highs.

the acquisition of the largest controversy is the price. According to a survey by Sina Technology for professionals, 63% of professionals believe that Baidu’s acquisition price is too high, it is not worth buying. Deutsche Bank even wrote in the investment bank report, Baidu is too generous".

effect marketing experts seem to believe that, due to Baidu’s entry position is occupied by the application store, Baidu mobile assistant can not rise rapidly in the short term. In the capital market questioned the voice of Baidu, the most effective way is to acquire the largest number of domestic users covered 91. Seems to be a high price, but Baidu at least in the short term to regain access to China’s wireless Internet market discourse.

at the moment, whether it is on the PC or wireless, in addition to search advertising traffic distribution efficiency are stronger than Baidu." Bo said that in the snatch on the entrance of the wireless market, Baidu has 91, to better defend the threat of Baidu in the wireless on the 360.

app store big shuffle

China market ranking on the CEO app store before talking about Yi Feng Network told Sina Technology, Baidu app store this acquisition will bring major reshuffle of the industry.

Baidu higher valuation of the application store, reflecting the value of the entrance of the APP store, the next major companies will strengthen the input to the application store." Tan Yi said that the highlight of the value of the application store entrance will stimulate more companies to invest in this area. He predicted that in the next few months, will see more applications in the field of acquisition, integration, the industry will be upgraded again.

in fact, from 2011 to 2012, the app store industry has been

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