Layoffs + winter Battle Royale nternet people should decide on what path to follow

Abstract: a people no longer keen on "economic community", "Red Net economy" concept, instead of thinking more like "community in the end is not a can be replicated and the mode of standardization?", "is there a standard form of products can be used to support it the development of the core issues?" and so on the Internet, I would be more willing to see.

on Thursday, a website published an article entitled "layoffs layoffs layoffs!!!" the winter Battle Royale entrepreneurs feature.


article, instantly form the scraper trend in the circle of friends, just 2 hours, the amount of reading has been 10W+. In addition, the title used 3 exclamation points, the media Zhuangao, is also quite rare.

can clearly feel that this round of "winter" is currently experiencing, for the entire Internet industry and entrepreneurs, how much pain.

throughout 2016, the whole environment is really getting worse. Burn, subsidies, expansion team, paying people to dig these once in the first half of 2015 was particularly common thing, now already disappeared.

see, from the beginning of 2016 March and April, me almost every week at least one team project and shut down the dissolution of the news, even many have come to the B round of the company, could not escape unscathed.

companies a chill, front-line practitioners are not better than.

today, I just met a friend of F, is the three class of students, she had to do a product in an O2O company, because the company could leave early, choose to switch to a listed company in education. But now, just 3 months ago, her company once again because of the business line adjustment and to experience layoffs, and her career, once again become the object of the attack, she also lost her job again.

F experience, may be just a microcosm. In 2016, the Internet practitioners who suffered from corporate turbulence and business adjustment, I believe that many numbers – you can imagine, listed companies like this, not to mention other


in communication with many friends like F, I can feel their present at a loss and jittery.

this article, is a temporary feeling, and I think some of the doubts facing difficulties with the current we are experiencing in this harsh environment and the line of Internet practitioners to talk about some thoughts + recommendations.

, I thought of that.


of less than 3 year old Internet practitioners, please try to reduce their concept and direction, to think more about how to quickly build up a core skills "or" how to become an expert in the field".

today’s conversation, I have asked F: you >

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