Who is the biggest winner in BAT capital returns

Ali IPO if imminent, means a rise of wealth and capital myth, and BAT all exactly alike to become a public company.

BAT, from the China three Internet giants (Baidu, Ali, the first letter of the name of the Tencent), has become the most famous China Internet community a short, but also a symbol of the big three is much higher than that of the special status of other peers.

investor in BAT, can be described as grad. Some early equity exit cash, that has been too late to regret; others since one did not sell, sitting on hundreds of billion dollar market for wealth. BAT investment behind the number of times or even more than a thousand times the myth of return on investment, even if compared to the most successful case of Silicon Valley is no worse.

"new fortune" is calculated according to the March 2014 average price or valuation, in more than a dozen investors had had shares in BAT, the minimum return for PCCW Richard Lee’s investment in the Tencent for 11.45 times, the highest rate of return for South Africa MIH investment company of Tencent for 1473 times.

Ali: Softbank chengzuidaiyingjia

compared to the already listed Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba is not listed, the return of its investors can not be accurately calculated one by one. Ali before the return of investors, we first look at the history of the history of Ali group. Tiger sniffing note: May 7th morning, Alibaba group has submitted a prospectus to the SEC file (


October 1999, Goldman Sachs led the joint Investor AB company and the Singapore government science and technology development fund and other investors, jointly invested $5 million to Alibaba.

January 2000, Softbank led joint fidelity, Azia capital, Japan Asia investment, invest in Sweden and TDF 6 investors, Alibaba to invest $25 million, including Softbank investment $20 million.

the second half of 2003, Softbank again led joint Fidelity Investments, GGV and TDF, a total investment of $82 million to Alibaba group, Softbank’s $60 million which is separate injection to taobao.com.

August 2005, Alibaba and YAHOO formed a strategic alliance, the latter to $1 billion in cash plus all assets of YAHOO China, in exchange for a stake in Ali group’s 40%.

in fact, the deal with YAHOO Ali group, the degree of complexity in the China Internet community called "with no predecessors". The deal is actually made up of four deals.

Trading: YAHOO paid $360 million to hold all the equity acquisition of Softbank Taobao


two: Softbank will cash Taobao equity income of $360 million, with half of them used to take over the Alibaba before three investors transfer > 27 million 700 thousand

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