Amoy net buying shoes Larry domain

news: following the December 21st "exclusive China Amoy shoes Network ( after the successful purchase of Larry domain, Amoy shoes today revealed that the domain name in 2 months ago to repurchase, the domain name from the initial negotiation to determine the transaction lasted 2 years.

it is understood that the Amoy shoes network when buying domain name is because investment chiefs Cai Wensheng and instill the old Xing, was determined by the 7 digit price repurchase.Com domain name. Cai Wensheng said, "with the.Cn domain name website domain name, the most painful is to do more to worry about.Com domain name,.Com and others do you like business, will all be lost traffic to.Com."

The domain name

about the purchase price of up to 7 digits, said Amoy shoes network, because the negotiations lasted 2 years, the domain name prices have gone up, "business colleagues since there are determined to make the purchase for the brand website, domain name must also have a considerable determination, the choice of the domain name and the protection sooner rather than later, time is the price."

from the domain name after 2 years of talks to the successful acquisition to enable domain name, can be seen to Amoy net of big shoes website, brand protection, the maximum value of the domain name is used for a business, the acquisition of domain name without any worthy of the hype, the effective protection and use is the meaning and value of the maximum the."

at this point, Amoy shoes network has achieved a full range of domain names ( protection, footwear B2C and even the business community to protect the most complete, one of the most complete site.

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