PayPal Chinese data sample manufacturing business models

global consumer confidence, e-commerce has become China’s new silk road.

European debt crisis continue to simmer, the job market remains in the doldrums, Chinese lowered GDP growth in 2012 is expected to trade, e-commerce is thriving, showing strong growth momentum.

according to eBay China released in November 22nd, eBay Greater China foreign trade e-commerce report, Greater China (mainland China, Hongkong and Taiwan) cross-border trade growth momentum. As of June 30th of the first 12 months of this year, the use of PayPal to pay, and the annual turnover of more than $100 thousand of businesses (excluding eBay sellers) total turnover increased by 35%. Among them, the mainland of China PayPal big business transactions increased by 48%.

and eBay platform using PayPal as the main payment method, annual sales of more than $100 thousand seller (eBay big seller), the total sales growth of more than last year, 68%. Among them, the seller’s transaction volume increased by as much as 93%.

annual sales of all respondents were more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars, indicating that these sample companies have a certain size and stability. In addition, PayPal has more than 170 million active users, support 25 kinds of currency payment business, involving 190 global markets, and cross-border payment service through PayPal eBay China institutions in addition to trade platform, foreign trade electricity export platform also includes local eBay class and many self official website selling goods seller, these factors make the report with data a certain meaning.

on the afternoon of November 22nd, on the challenges and opportunities of China’s foreign trade e-commerce, emerging markets and other issues, the reporter interviewed Lin Yizhang, CEO of eBay greater china.

, the most prominent contrarian growth

"twenty-first Century": what is the difference between the volume and the sales volume mentioned in the report, and whether the current uncertain economic situation affects the growth of the online business.

Lin Yizhang: PayPal turnover refers to the total amount paid by businesses through PayPal, eBay sales is the total amount of goods sold by the seller on the eBay platform. For example, when you buy items when the price is 10 yuan, but at the same time to pay the shipping costs of $3, PayPal payment transaction amount is 13 yuan, the seller’s sales of $10.

vertical comparison of online business growth compared to previous years, a certain landslide. Horizontal comparison, contrarian growth obviously. Not just eBay, before the U.S. retail e-commerce in only 9% of the proportion, now accounted for up to 10%.

twenty-first Century: most of the respondents found that consumers are now more willing to shop online to find more cost-effective products to cut spending, which makes their online business more likely

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