OPPO surpassed HUAWE to become the 2016 year of China’s smartphone shipments champion Samsung was s

OPPO and vivo strong growth, far beyond the imagination of all.

according to IDC released Chinese smartphone tracking data show that in 2016 the annual shipments of 4.67 billion, an increase of 4.30 over the same period last year, an increase of $8.7%, an increase of more than the annual growth of 1.6% in 2015.

report shows that in 2016 China’s top five smartphone manufacturers were OPPO, HUAWEI, vivo, apple and millet. OPPO to 16.8% of the market share of HUAWEI’s more than 16.4%, becoming the country’s largest smartphone maker. Among them, the growth rate of OPPO reached 122.2%.

compared to the value of the Chinese market, apple, but fell 23.2%, ranking in the top fourth. Another mobile phone manufacturers millet, mobile phone shipments also fell 36%, ranking only in the top fifth.

but in 2016 the world’s first smartphone shipments ranked Samsung, and did not list the top five smartphone manufacturers in china.


data from the fourth quarter of 2016, the top five mobile phone manufacturers ranking has not changed. However, OPPO and vivo has maintained a rapid growth, followed by HUAWEI OPPO. But millet growth fell to 40.5% year on year.

in the quarter, apple surpassed Samsung to return to the world’s leading smartphone sales. But in China, by other smart phone manufacturers in the fierce competition, Apple’s advantage in the constant dilution.

and, according to the 2016 annual smartphone shipments to count, China’s mobile phone manufacturers smartphone shipments have been far more than Samsung and apple. This will undoubtedly want to enter the Chinese market, foreign mobile phone manufacturers increasingly worried.

the future, Chinese mobile phone factory by quite a spectacle.


according to IDC analysis, the rapid growth of China’s smart phone market in 2016 from the user’s demand for mobile phones upgrade. By the impact of the rise in disposable income increased consumer demand for the purchase and use of smart phones has changed.

users are no longer looking for cost-effective hardware products, but they can meet the daily needs of the fashion of intelligent tools, as well as to reflect their personal taste and identity of the brand mobile phone.

Intelligent tool

as fashionable mobile phone, moment in the scene and provide diversified services for users, such as map navigation, mobile payment, shopping, games, video and so on, which accelerated the user to replace the fashion for high performance mobile phone.

at the same time, due to the growing popularity of popular culture and popular brands, therefore, users choose to buy, will be more concerned about the moment the most widely publicized

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