Thunder and other more blacklist video website difficult international copyright war

technical limitations or intended to be in the development process of video sites, piracy has been outstanding. Yesterday, there was news that the American Film Institute recently singled out a number of pirated download sites and the market "black list", after "gun", Chinese video website thunder and everyone in the film again among them.

number of degrees on the list

piracy "blacklist" from the American Film Institute released a worldwide audiovisual piracy investigation report, which pointed to a number of pirated download link website "blacklist" and the world’s 10 largest pirated audio-visual products market, thunder and people video subtitles Heranzailie station. In addition, Beijing Hailong Electronics City has become one of the largest entities pirated audio-visual products market.

reported that the world’s most serious online piracy in Russia, Holland and new zealand. The most popular countries and regions in Brazil, Toronto, Canada and China are the most popular countries in the world. It is worth noting that last year, the American Film Institute disclosed similar "black list", there are thunder and everyone in the film figure, then named Nora has been this year due to piracy and jurisprudence case by the regulatory authorities to investigate. As early as in 2008, the American Film Institute sued Xunlei piracy; 2011, the thunder has been named the "black list", when the United States market crashed.

as of press time yesterday, the thunder did not comment on the matter. While everyone in the film released micro-blog said, "due to copyright pressure at the end of November, will completely remove all copyright free resources to download links, suspected of the American Film Institute" blacklist "response.

The copyright disputes between

video website and copyright, video website and video website is long-standing, especially in the first stage in the development of the industry, piracy became the most direct means of mainstream video website "low cost access to the user", and not in the "safe harbor principle" and not a sound legal system under the background of the effective way of ending.

but in recent years, with the improvement of the domestic copyright environment, the copyright infringement of the video site is gradually increasing, the punishment is also strengthened. In particular, the mainstream video sites have been listed in the process of seeking recognition of the capital market, the issue of piracy has become a priority.

actually, the American Film Institute report usually will be submitted to the office of the US trade representative, and further affect the Wall Street investors will, therefore the risk of copyright issues have become the key considerations of the website listed in the u.s..

interestingly, in early June this year, there is news that the American Film Institute and the thunder reached an anti piracy agreement on unauthorized downloads of the joint prevention and control. At that time, the more common argument is the thunder listed escort, the company successfully landed NASDAQ in June 24th.

has a long way to go

American TV series and American film is one of the most popular young people, but also for the Sohu

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