Decibel network CEO Zheng suspected of organizing pornographic videos were prosecuted

popular network singer Xiangxiang and popular song "mice Love Rice" Chongqing "after 80" baby Zheng Li, was once considered as the Chongqing Internet entrepreneur mark, called "little wealth", but now he has retired! Yesterday, Hubei Province, Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau announced, in support of Chongqing city public security the Bureau Network Monitoring Corps, Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment years ago in one fell swoop wiped out known music website CEO fenbei Zheng Li and Chongqing blue color technology Co., Ltd. CEO Dai Zeyan, "Chongqing hot network" CEO Gong Zhaowei who led the 20 criminal gangs organizing pornographic performances. It is reported that the gang members through the video website of organizing pornographic performances, profit of 19 million 800 thousand yuan in a year’s time! Now, Zheng Li and other 8 people had been Jingzhou prosecutors for criminal prosecution to court trial, the other 12 were handed over to the Chongqing police public security punishment.

more than CEO Hwang was arrested

yesterday, Hubei Province, Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau told reporters, in August 24th last year, Chongqing Star Internet Information Service Co., Ltd. and Chongqing science and Technology Co., Ltd. legal representative, access to music sharing site DB network founder and CEO Zheng Liyin suspected of organizing obscene performances, was arrested by Jingzhou police. At the age of 27, he once held the red network singer Xiangxiang and network song "mice Love Rice". In addition, Jingzhou police also arrested 19 suspects Zheng Zheng gang. Among them, including the Chongqing color blue Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Dai Zeyan, founded a number of pornographic video station and is responsible for the technical maintenance of the Liu Junsong, Chongqing "hot network" and Chongqing science and technology company CEO Gong Zhaowei flint.

Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau, Zheng Zheng, Dai Zeyan and other 8 people have been filed by the Jingzhou municipal criminal prosecution, the other 12 handed over to the police in Chongqing public security penalties. Reporters noted that the criminal proceedings were brought in 8 people, under the age of 6, of which the youngest is only 23 years old, the age of only a small number of people under the age of 30. It is reported that the Jingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment seized luxury cars 4, the total value of more than 168 yuan; the freezing of funds more than 100 yuan; seized 1 million 290 thousand yuan in cash, as well as 10 laptop computer servers and computer hard disk; withholding $23.

spend millions of advertising

open the first domestic music website founder, CCTV DB has appeared on the "fortune story" "80" leader Zheng Li, and how will network porn video link? The reporter in early interviews, many of the city’s Internet who told reporters: "this is well known in the circle the" secret "."

yesterday, from the Jingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau data show that as early as June 2008, Zheng Li to find their past collaborators Dai Zeyan and the development of video software,, Hubei. At that time, the establishment of the network of Zheng Zheng decline from bad to worse, a new round of venture capital has long been in place. Others see the business video chat site dug pot "in a very short period of time, the young Zheng Li also played the evil.

After the development of

video software, Zheng Li >

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