The electronic commerce website will fire excessive 99% collapse


] Introduction to electronic commerce after several years of rapid development, has now entered the bottleneck period. It is expected that after the market consolidation in recent years the number will be greatly reduced. Intense and even tragic market competition to the industry pains, but also gradually promote the pace of industrial restructuring and upgrading of electricity supplier.

Author: Guo Tao (China Internet Association Expert Committee, chief executive officer of China trade network)


According to the

electronic commerce "12th Five-Year plan" issued by the Ministry of Commerce, electronic transactions Chinese to 2015 will quadruple, exceeded 18 trillion yuan. Obviously, this is a great potential and development of space industry. For this reason, the brightest funds have flocked to chase a few outstanding enterprises.

barbaric growth of B2C

Last year,

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong two micro-blog launched the electricity supplier hegemony fuse, followed by including Suning, Gome and other home appliance executives responded to Liu Qiangdong in micro-blog for a time, the electricity supplier industry smoke, a new round of battle prelude. With Dangdang, easy fast and other companies into chaos, is evolving into the domestic electricity supplier industry melee. At present B2C enterprises want to do not rely on low price competition is indeed difficult, but the price itself is not wrong, low price can also do the brand, wrong is the "three malignant low price competition and price promotion + price war. The B2C electronic commerce website to indulge in price wars and advertising campaign, in a burn war game. Up to now, the total amount of financing Jingdong has more than 2 billion U.S. dollars, Suning also through the mortgage (pledge) and loans to raise billions of dollars, depending on the growth rate of the success of the success of the halo can last long?

currently more than 2.5 domestic e-commerce platform B2C, B2C increasingly fierce competition. Due to the lack of loyalty of the domestic online shopping crowd, while serious homogenization of B2C electricity supplier products, price war has become the most direct marketing tool. In addition, many brands have the layout of the electricity line, most of these brands are not bad money, and has a government background and brand awareness, will make the already fierce competition in the electricity supplier more cruel, and accelerate the electricity industry mergers and acquisitions.

irrational vicious price war, overdraft quality and future development of e-commerce in china.

homogeneous competitive B2B

B2B site is still in the overall information service platform stage, product and service, profit model, such as a high degree of homogeneity. Products in the shops exhibition, only to provide a product display and communication platform for the customer service, but also seriously means single, to communicate with the enterprise depth, or only through the line held a product will be recommended, or the buyer will meet, will purchase this way, electronic commerce website became a vassal of the traditional the fair; although the China B2B e-commerce after more than ten years of development, but its main profit model – "membership fee system" and "advertising" is insufficient to support this.

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