By virtue of the highest credit available online transactions 1 million

17Tech 07, July 08 news: personal entrepreneurship online shop, with online trading credit, but also to the maximum loan amount of up to $1 million. Following the Construction Bank jointly launched the small and medium-sized enterprises and Alibaba net credit loan service after the day before, the ICBC also hand pushing Alibaba financing service network. Industry analysts pointed out that the Alibaba or group this year will be more to promote their online bank signing credit system, and more cooperation between banks and enterprises is also expected to break the bottleneck of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises financing.

according to the survey, China’s enterprises have more than 90% small and medium enterprises, external financing amounted to nearly 99% dependent on loans from financial institutions, but due to the lack of domestic credit system, there is no information communication platform between the bank and the enterprise financing difficulties, has been confined the development of small and medium-sized enterprises the biggest stumbling block.

industry insiders believe that the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce is fast and convenient to obtain loans desire, in fact has become the major banks targeting new areas of business development, through the Alibaba and other e-commerce platform cooperation, the network credit as an important reference standard for loans, and provide a variety of financing online service, effective innovation the traditional trade financing means, realize the organic combination of electronic commerce and Internet trade financing.

in fact, the financing of SMEs, Alibaba has long been concerned about. Previously, the company has worked with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Agricultural Bank and other banks Chinese agency launched B2B online payment business, respectively, have been sharing customer resources and information for reference to credit financing facilities and financial services, signed a strategic cooperation.

according to reports, the second half of this year, the Alibaba will also learn from Bangladesh "banker to the poor" in the experience of Yunus, launched the "network security" loans, the industry chain enterprises packaged loans between enterprises, mutual guarantee, to promote the small and medium-sized enterprise loan business faster.

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