Daily topics after seven years from the beginning of a shirt like on the road again

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 11th news, where, for seven years in the new conference! We can see the old as a warning for the future after the decision, "said the old do not good products to lightning"! From the beginning of a shirt where customers can make a turnaround


When the old

took 69 minutes to introduce a shirt after the story, the industry of this shirt style, experience, production, inventory curiosity was sharply up, "running the shirt", "let a thousand dollars shirt LOW burst, attached to this shirt in addition to all guests" millet strategy ", and one year old dormant ambition and the return of the king.

October 2007, Eslite on-line mode is defined as its own brand of clothing online sales by large advertising was quickly known. In the industry view, from VANCL is Shanghai’s PPG, this home just a year and a half of China has become the second big shirt sales enterprises had been holding on the clothing, the clothing industry DELL "of the altar, the record of the" light "mode is also rooted in customer, get rid of the factory and store, and connected products consumers through foundries and network marketing. With brand marketing and cost-effective products, once created the myth of the growth of the Internet brand. However, from 2012 onwards, good times don’t last long, category expansion strategy of every guest, let the product faces the huge pressure on the stock.

Chen said, I is Lei Jun’s words "I can’t make a shirt, I think three months to understand! To really make this shirt in our year. This year I know where the best cotton shirt, lines smooth, how the design process and how dp. The quality is really not easy to process very painful!

or a shirt, 7 years later, we hit the road again. But this time, the domestic electricity supplier arena of a few big all-powerful, more of a humble entrepreneurs. "How did you get through it? I just want to say that I’m standing here today and let bygones be bygones. When the customer quickly absorbed with all China garment industry, and now where the customer is a new venture company." The old road.

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