Easy to say a few words, do feel

      tell me about my parents attitude to me.

      from an early age, I learn very well, every time the examination is among the best, there are a lot of families with me as good or better than my partner.

      at that time, we often study together, play together.    and our parents, also often chat shopping mahjong what.

      later promoted to junior high school, I still excellent.

      high school later, I became addicted to playing computer, the first is the fun of the game, abandoned their studies, grades plummeted.

      while the other partners are more hard to learn, they are admitted to the city’s key high school.

      for a time, my mom and dad felt a little lift in front of their parents,

      their parents are always boasting about how their sons are, how they.

      and my parents are always talking about my.

      especially every exam, my parents are embarrassed to say my score,

      college entrance examination that year, we all rely on the Tianjin University, Beijing science and technology, such as a good school, and my score is too low, only an ordinary private university.

      that summer vacation, I turned from the interest of the online website production.

      but the basic nature has not changed, that is still squatting in front of the computer every day.    parents are more disgusted with this,

      because the past is indeed because the fun computer that I fall.

      later, I met some website master in private university, I really make friends with them and also learn from them a lot of knowledge,

      here under the name   92yule (left behind; he does not post   he called youth prodigal son      ); there is a comparison of the YD   a pig head (you know. All this may).

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