mitation is sin, China has no nternet

      "kuxun accused Google of imitation", which is the industry these days the latest piece?! Whether it is a new round of war, I personally think this is a very funny proposition.
      first vertical search is a business model, the scope of the search coverage is the content of the operation, which are not protected by law. In other words, if the law is part of the monopoly, it is not a joke? Web page form unless the copyright registration, and the imitation degree can be deceptive, read the two page of the human nature has a judge. Keep the right to sue kuxun, my advice is retained.
      secondly, when it comes to imitate, Chinese of the Internet is the originator of the world of imitators, active site has several is not imitate others, their own independent innovation? I dare not say that, in the process of power network, I imitate the successful elements of many excellent websites. The other is the same, the search is not imitation? Blog is not it? Community? Video? Is not to imitate the United States craiglist is cool? Imitation is not a shameful thing, the birth of the Internet today, the real innovation mode, more and more people are in imitate others created what. As a matter of fact, imitation is not a kind of backward, or successful imitation itself is an innovation. If you say which mode you have copied and beat the competitor, I will give you the thumbs up!"
      in addition to the field of imitation and innovation, Microsoft is a typical example of imitation, which has always been the characteristics and strengths of Microsoft. Some people may not think, but in fact, Microsoft is built by imitation, and Microsoft has been growing up in imitation and has been developing.

      once compiled a set of QDOS, Microsoft paid $75 thousand to connect the QDOS and the product bought with, renamed MS-DOS, and hands down to IBM, Microsoft began a successful in the official career path. When Netscape launched the browser, Microsoft did not attach importance to, and later Netscape occupy 80% of the market share, Microsoft timely adjustment strategy, after years of fighting, the Netscape beat. Microsoft Windows graphical interface is to imitate Apple and Xerox, Word is to imitate Wordstar and WordPerfect, Excel is a copy of Lotus1-2-3…… Including MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces is to follow the concept of others developed

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