Party and government organs website will be unified to prohibit the use of other websites

day before the Ministry of information industry and the whole of society for the party and government organs website unified logo. The logo will be applied to all party and government organs on any page of the site’s significant position, other sites may not use.

court procuratorate also unified website logo

day before the Ministry issued a "government website unified logo solicitation notice" to all individuals or units with the design capacity for the party and government organs website unified logo. Submission of the work does not need to pay for the work submitted by the end of March 31st.

based on the definition of the Ministry of industry, the party and government organs website refers to the party and government organs at all levels and the people’s Congress, the CPPCC, the court, procuratorate organs and departments of the website.

Ministry of industry and information security company announced that this activity is to facilitate the public to identify and distinguish between government agencies and non government website website, and found the fight against counterfeiting party and government websites, ensure that the party and government organs website seriousness and authority.

the Ministry said that the party and government organs website logo mainly use position including but not limited to the following: "the upper part of the striking position, website publicity picture link, the browser address bar and page labels, browser favorites collection address. Color version of the logo for the vast majority of cases, the use of gray version of the logo for special circumstances.

according to the arrangement, after preliminary examination, 24 outstanding works into the expert review stage. At the same time, these 24 outstanding works will be published in an important portal solicitation column display, listen to the views of the majority of users of the work.

selected works can get $

at -20 on April 11th, the collection office will hire experts to form a panel of experts on the evaluation of outstanding works through pre scoring, the highest score of 4 pieces of work as a recommendation to enter the final stage of the work.

prior to April 30th, the office of the 4 pieces of work will be submitted to the relevant departments of the final proposal to determine the selected works of the 1.

the activities of the selected works award 1, bonus of $10 thousand; recommended Works Award of 3, bonus of $3000; excellent works award of 20, bonus of $500.


unified logo must reflect the seriousness of authority

in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of industry, the work of the shape, text, design is not limited. However, the theme of the work should be clear, meaning appropriate, reflecting the seriousness and authority of the party and government organs website, no ambiguity. At the same time, it is simple, elegant, and easy to identify memory.

works in color and grayscale, a variety of occasions can also be used to show clear, allowing the design of the logo and logo auxiliary graphics. At the same time, the applicant should describe the content, color and the meaning of each part of the work. Describe the design idea or inspiration, describe the meaning of the work.

according to the notice of the Ministry of industry

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