Taobao index formally launched to help owners and sellers to analyze the trend of shopping

Admin5 webmaster network news, the morning of April 18th, Taobao’s consumer data research platform Taobao index ( formally launched. Taobao index free of charge, users can not log in search of Taobao keyword data search. Taobao has promised not to disclose the personal information of consumers, the amount of data related to the transaction, but will not disclose any confidential data related to the seller, store operations.

version of the new Taobao index based on its search, transaction details, user information and shopping data over the past 12 months through the algorithm for the user to return to the trend chart. Users log on Taobao index home page, search for a keyword can be related to the recent and long-term trend of Taobao goods. Help users locate consumer groups to understand consumer shopping habits. Analysis of Taobao shopping and future trends. Not only can help users to analyze the gender and age ratio of a commodity consumer groups. Can also be a hierarchy of consumers, Taobao will be divided into the primary buyers of new buyers, buyers, buyers of medium, senior buyers, buyers of ashes of five grades, and according to the consumption level the proportion of buyers of the occupation, such as students, white-collar workers. As well as consumer preferences and other behavioral habits. In addition, you can also query the market segments and commodity turnover list. Analysis of shopping behavior with keyword search.

The introduction of

Taobao index, not only for Taobao sellers, buyers and third party merchants as well as the owners have a high value. Especially for Taobao shop and Taobao guest station, the introduction of Taobao index will undoubtedly increase a more powerful data analysis tools. Help webmasters to better understand the trend of Taobao products, Taobao customer promotion strategy for the trend change.

currently on the Internet, free data analysis platform Baidu index and Google trends. Baidu index, Baidu index is based on Web search and Baidu Baidu news search free based on massive data analysis services, users pay attention to reflect the different key words over a period of time in the "degree" and "media attention". To reflect the key words in the past 30 days, the network exposure rate and user attention. Reflect the daily trend of the keyword. Is currently the highest degree of use of Internet users and search data analysis platform. For online shopping station search index analysis platform, the current Taobao index is the first. Some users said that Taobao index page is simple, a variety of shopping related data analysis of buyers and sellers are very helpful. Expect more online stores to join the data open platform, sharing all kinds of relevant index, which is very useful for the development of e-commerce. (text / Yang Yang)

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