Analysis of Street Station to medium

      recently all speculation is that foreign owners raise a Babel of criticism of the.

      first of all, we all appreciate his courage and determination, entrepreneurs need first is this.

      from the perspective of speculation, this is a quite effective speculation, perhaps even to get some investment, make some friends, like some time ago that "duhugu" SEO game, a group of friends said, this game, not what the high hand to go to, no what meaning is just speculation. So I said, this game, no matter what the outcome, can cause people to discuss in the group, then his hype is successful.

      these days often go up to Admin5, can see a lot of people PK the webmaster articles and messages, or that sentence, his hype is successful, this move will accumulate many valuable resources for him, as an electronic commerce website, this way can really rely on Adsense the news quickly established the credibility of the site. Then he went to the net, roughly looked at his project introduction, demand and some related reports, most people think so: it is a form of barter station, domestic Chen Diaozha project, made in China have failed, he also want to do? To tell the truth, I see from Admin5 on the back of the billboards on the street, the hard way to go on the road of entrepreneurship in this article, I jumped directly to the following to see his project, but also threw a sentence: childish. And I said to my friend, if I were an investor, I wouldn’t vote for him.

      Chinese situation is not suitable for barter type of website development, like the concept put forward by Liu Yunfeng WEB1.5, not to discuss here I do not agree with his argument, but it reflects the particularity of a Chinese Internet, special China conditions, how many foreign things are moved directly to China successful?

      a lot of news about the webmaster, everyone is writing his articles, everyone in PK he. In fact, we also put forward many valuable suggestions to him. Then I carefully re analyzes the position, he wrote out the demand and operation mode, through deeply exploring and describing him in some other parts of the description, in his website mode of operation there are still many places in particular.

      here I put my analysis things out and share with you, if the owners think my analysis involves something you don’t want to reveal the part, then you can contact me: mountain wind, Q:84694553, If you are not, then it can only be used as a suggestion to you.


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