Firefox ten years to say goodbye to you

[Abstract] desktop market share is shrinking, Firefox’s performance in the mobile terminal is also surprising, showing irreparable decline

Tencent science and Technology Li Xing reported on July 13th

imperceptibly, Firefox has gone through ten years, it was a dark horse in the market to dominate the desktop browser, now in the same day retreat, and recently updated mobile version of the browser is also useless. All the signs indicate that Firefox seems to be facing hitherto unknown crisis.

just this week, market research firm Net Applications released June desktop browser statistics and research reports. The report shows that as of 2014 in June, Firefox’s market share has shrunk to 15.6%, a record low in the past 5 years.

from the browser market share trend can be seen in the picture, from the beginning of January this year, Firefox market share continued to decline, fell by nearly 3 percentage points, while at the same time, Chrome browser market share rose three percentage points, while this is not a coincidence.

In addition to the

browser Firefox down, another attempt in the mobile terminal is not smooth, in February last year in the MWC Mozilla fund officially released mobile operating system Firefox OS, but the market research company Strategy Analytics is expected, Firefox operating system this year up to occupy the global smart mobile phone operating system market share of 1%.

soon available in 2004, Firefox was named the best Forbes web browser, Firefox is forgotten by the outside world in 2014 more than half, the clever fox charm, perhaps to say goodbye to you.

desktop browser market share trends


(micro-blog) Chrome

catch up from behind

the time back ten years, it is a time for firefox. In November 2004, the Mozilla foundation released the Firefox, with the performance of small and fast and powerful extensions, Firefox has become a powerful challenger to Microsoft IE browser.

four years later, in September 2008, Google launched Chrome browser, due to the simple, fast and stable performance by the user’s favorite. In speed and interface design, Chrome can catch up from behind. Have rich extension is a major feature of Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera with other browsers support gradually and perfect the Firefox plugin, once proud advantage has ceased to exist.

Google Chrome browser has become the Firefox terminator. In March this year, Chrome to replace the Firefox to become the second largest desktop browser.

with the increasing market share of both, >

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