Daily topic U.S. mission network financing $700 million valuation of $7 billion buy pattern is chang

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) January 19th news, yesterday (18 may) announced the completion of a new round of U.S. mission network $700 million financing. In fact, there have been media reports before the U.S. group financing $700 million, but then did not confirm!

yesterday in the new media communication at the scene confirmed the recent round of the United States and the United States round of financing news, recently completed a $700 million financing, valuation reached $7 billion. Investors and other further information may be released later."

U.S. mission network

launched in March 2010, when Sequoia Capital A round of $12 million investment in July 2011, Alibaba and Sequoia capital invested $50 million B round, won the March 2014 C round of financing of $300 million.

in accordance with the current valuation, the U.S. group has been the fourth largest electricity supplier trading platform, ranked Ali, Jingdong, vip.com, with a considerable amount of. At this time of financing the biggest considerations should still reserve "ammunition", the major Internet giants and external capital to increase investment in O2O, in the consolidation of the existing market and develop new business at the same time, the need to deal with any possible burn wars.

Wang Xing stressed that the localization of

group as the "idle away in seeking pleasure Internet platform, in addition to group purchase, are cut into the film, hotel, takeaway and other vertical areas. According to its introduction, the U.S. group turnover opal films last year to 5 billion. The U.S. group released data show that the mobile terminal transactions accounted for more than 90%. Users, the U.S. group said its activation number of users over 200 million, covering over 80 businesses, covering nearly 1000 cities.

industry insiders said that the United States Mission in overweight O2O at the same time, the mobile terminal entrance flow still need more investment, it will also be a need to cut beauty group in the competition. The source also said that the U.S. mission has been very focused on the user’s input and subsidies, but not so much investment in the enterprise side, which may be considered in the next development direction.

said Wang Xing for the listed problems of concern to the outside world, "we did not determine the time to market, the United States mission at a rapid growth stage, investors are optimistic about the development of the U.S. group, they have enough patience. 2015 and next year, the listing will not be our main goal."

industry insiders believe that the U.S. group’s $700 million financing will accelerate the industry reshuffle buy. With the current round of financing in place, the U.S. mission network is expected to rely on financial support to further strengthen its leading position, occupy 70% or even higher market share, to promote the industry to buy the pattern of the group to the 721.

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