The United States Mission in response to the failure of financing to identify rumourmongers identity

beauty group responded to the failure of financing: to identify rumourmongers identity will start a civil action

[TechWeb] September 15th News reported recently, the U.S. group financing failed "message, the U.S. group official said the public response, acting on the basis of network community anonymously, to invent a" beauty group financing failure "and other rumors, resulting in adverse social impact to the U.S. mission network.

U.S. mission network

said that at present has been to identify the rumormongers identity information, and master the related evidence, will start a civil action immediately, and report to the public security organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility of the rumormongers.

had a source said, the U.S. group financing is far from complete, many large funds have rejected the U.S. mission, only a few small fund participation."

said the United States Mission in a statement, rumourmongers disguised as a well-known investment bank in the community network anonymous posting, fabricated America group failure of financing and other rumors, and on this basis, through the spread of multiple media channels.

at the same time, there are rumors that the U.S. group 1 billion 500 million to $2 billion in financing, but as of now, the U.S. group has not yet announced the financing situation. (rain)

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