announcement the seller must be signed at the end of January the new wave or the shelf pr announcement: the end of January the seller must sign the "new wave" or the shelf products

[TechWeb] January 22nd news reports, recently issued a notice, request the seller signed Taobao consumer protection service new agreement before the end of January, but fails to sign, the product will be under treatment.

new version [People’s Republic of China Consumer Protection Law] will be effective March 15, 2014. One of the most concerned about the outside world is that online shopping products to support seven days no reason to return and the seller’s business information is true and effective. The require the seller signed the agreement is to meet new consumer requirements. announcements, will be at the end of January on the left has not signed a consumer protection agreement of the seller to notify the batch, and 72 hours after the notification is still no sign of the seller, will be the implementation of the whole store shelves.

announcement also shows that, due to historical issues, there are still a lot of Taobao sellers have not yet signed a consumer protection agreement. The reason for the choice in January, mainly to take into account the majority of the logistics during the Spring Festival closed pause, less impact on the seller.

Taobao said, according to the seven days no reason to return this one, will be in accordance with the provisions of the new consumer law, four kinds of products are not returnable, including consumer made, fresh perishable, online download or unpacking of consumer audio and video products and computer software and other digital products and the delivery of newspapers and periodicals.

Taobao stressed that, in addition to the above listed goods, other goods in accordance with the nature of the consumer and confirmed the purchase of goods should not be returned at the time of purchase, does not apply unreasonable return.

It is reported that

, this announcement will be for the entire network of sellers, Tmall does not exist because of historical issues, when Tmall sellers shop have been asked to sign the agreement of consumers, therefore is mainly aimed at sellers. (eight)

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