Echinfo show received 60 million yuan B round of financing led Huifeng

news August 8th, H5 production and marketing platform "easy enterprises show" that received 60 million yuan B round of financing, the current round of financing led by Jin Huifeng, broadband capital, rich capital, light tone network, the name card with the vote. Previously, easy to show in November 2015 to complete the control of the growth fund of $10 million A round of financing. The financing will be mainly used for the development of media channels, rich material database, team building and product development.  

is a NetEase in Beijing show echinfo enterprises show Technology Co., the company’s products, is a free H5 page production, promotion, management platform, the main services for small and micro enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to become the social self marketing service platform.

In addition to

, enterprises can also help users to show in various media channels to spread, and even help users can use the company name card, Yilabao, leaflets, newspapers and other paper media micro scene, scene tracking micro propagation data.

since November 2014 on the line, easy to show registered users have more than 10 million, APP download more than 7 million. Easy business show has also evolved from the early days of the H5 tool for the development of an enterprise mobile marketing platform.

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