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has recently changed its name to the advertising company advertising street, and enable the new domain name, the original ad publishers forum to Completion of the publisher from the positioning of the advertising platform to promote the exchange of online advertising to become an integrated platform for the exchange, focusing on advertising publishers, advertisers and advertising alliance resources to become a Chinese online advertising portal.

Advertising Forum is currently the most well-known Chinese network advertisement publisher one of the forum, released from the original Google AdSense extension Chinese become advertising community, has a certain influence in the publisher. Domestic advertising alliance, such as Google AdSense, Baidu alliance and Ali mother are stationed full-time staff to participate in the forum discussion and management.

advertising was founded in May 1, 2004, currently has more than 37000 registered users, covering most China advertising owners, many of them who is responsible for personal webmaster and super large portal site. Over the past few years, the management team of the publisher has provided a lot of help to the webmaster, especially in the communication between the webmaster and the advertising alliance.

advertising publishers forum is also one of the characteristics of the community, always adhere to the development of norms, strict style of discussion and even require the use of post format and punctuation. In the discussion of the advertising alliance and the advertising release, the publisher of the forum adhere to the right way and values, strictly prohibit the topic of cheating. Although the current webmaster circle uneven in quality popular criticism, but 4 years of advertising forum still adhere to the original ideals, and made some achievements.

Chinese publishers especially personal Adsense network advertising is a rapid development and the scale of the market, street advertising is spotted this starting point and further development. I hope to become an integrated platform for online advertising, so that advertisers, advertisers and advertising alliance on the basis of equality and mutual benefit on the basis of reality, while promoting the normal and orderly development of China’s online advertising.

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