Through Valentine’s day on the user needs to be overlooked

yesterday is the traditional festival of Chinese Lantern Festival, but also the Western Valentine’s day, so that the East and west of the two festivals hit together but only once in 19 years. I learned through the analysis of Internet data, the original Chinese users in Valentine’s festival of attention has been far more than the Lantern Festival, for example, the former is the Baidu index several times, for instance micro-blog topic headlines is Valentine’s Day gifts instead of sun drying and family reunion scene. Therefore, we have to say that today’s Valentine’s Day is far beyond the influence of the Lantern Festival, of course, may be related to the shape of our society.

it is well known that any theory or experience that guides us to practice is based on our own analysis and summary in practice. Similarly, the Valentine’s day we can also get a lot of valuable information from it, I just like to share with you today about marketing and I temporarily can immediately think of, I think we have some of the help information practice.

Valentine’s day such a romantic and ambiguous in a particular period of time, if the economic characteristics, we can say that the couple economy, it can be said that women’s economy, but also can be said that the economy. We all know that in such a holiday, whether or not a partner will pay attention to this day is Valentine’s day. The difference is, have to how to make the two sides have a happy holiday, and is not thinking about how to be like others have all worked with myself, and will appear in a variety of emotions.

in fact, on Valentine’s day, most of the time is for men to women, men pay for women. In the China culture has "men and women across the mountains, the female pursues the man", is also the subtle Oriental women have inherent. So a lot of time is also a man to send a woman thing, that is, women’s consumption.

in the process of consumption, we will slightly analysis very clearly, with different ability to buy things with money for her own choice of value is different, of course this may be the time to buy their own usually not willing to buy things. But no matter what, impossible to buy with their purchasing power is too large, such as our ordinary grass root could not buy send millions of nouveau riche luxury car.

At the same time we

at this time as long as their purchasing power range, not too tangled if I get the discount, cares more about the things that she is love, such as usual to sell 5 dollars a rose will not sell 5 yuan, selling more high will this. It seems to make this thing more meaningful price. Of course, if it is to buy a pair of lovers together, we have to foot the other’s face, we think that if we bite the bullet to buy something we very not easy to buy things, the salesman used to see the rich man to our eyes, we must not go in that place under. At the same time, at this time the discount is not necessarily popular, because people will feel that buying a discount is to the people do not want.

said that above

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