Optimization of internal structure of website Collection

is now the large-scale web site, actually have a very powerful SEO construction team, but, according to Q pig knowledge, which has not been a famous large website structure can be a very good solution to the website, the search engine on the web page collection, there will be a limit to break this limit or build a large chain system, such as from a collection of ten million pages, included thirty million page referred to as another way to improve the page included, is the website structure optimization.

How to optimize the structure of

website involves the following six parts:

1, column design

analysis: Web site design, in front of market research and competitor analysis, it has been talked about, the design of the column, is the result of keyword survey. Q pig in the case of Robin before the teacher’s square dance, there is to see, when the Robin keyword on the square dance after the study, the columns identified include square dance, square dance team and the square, etc..

2, navigation design

analysis: on the site, a page, the location of the entire site, is to rely on the navigation system to reflect. Site navigation, is also important for users and search engines, from a search engine to visit, this time in the page, go directly to the site, only through the navigation system, can let the user know the search engine or, what is now access the website page, in what position, is the directory page, or the page content what is the page, what is the lower page.

site navigation design is clear or not, for the access of users, it is very important for Baidu to clarify the structure of the site, the site of the weight of the trend, have a decisive impact.

there is one thing to note is that, in the whole navigation, do not stack keywords, such as many webmaster, love in the breadcrumb navigation, the anchor text pointing to the home page, as the core of the web site keywords, such as Q pig literature breadcrumb navigation station, home of love to write into gorgeous romantic novels, in fact, for the search engine, the main functions of navigation, search engine is to understand the page on a web site’s position, rather than to the search engine keywords transfer site.

so, Q pig’s proposal is that both the site navigation, or column navigation, the anchor text on the home page is written directly as the best. For many webmaster like, at the bottom of the site, production and navigation of the top of the anchor text link, Q pig is also suggested that the bottom as far as possible not to pile up keywords, or even the bottom of the navigation can be revoked.

3, spider trap

analysis: the so-called spider trap is hampering the search engine spiders crawl the web page display technology, such as the use of javescript, Flash, iframe, frame and session ID and other website links, or some programs can make your site spider crawling.

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