Cheap cheap website promotion way

      since the mention here is cheap and cheap, then it must be spent. But how to use the lowest cost to promote the site is also a lot of webmaster and small and medium enterprises in the development of network marketing. Here I know 3 ways to get out to share with you. You are right, satisfied, said is not reasonable, everyone laugh, Admin5 friends trick I am afraid of the curse.

Witkey and promotion of


      how to use Witkey website promotion, just know Witkey is an application of the task reward, is nowadays a very hot Internet application. Through the Witkey promotion website, is also a good channel. First, the cost is low, release a task for the public to help you publish information. We can’t let everyone released the same information, let participants according to the content of your website, industry to write different articles, and related websites, classification of information website, industry website to publish. This approach can bring a lot of soft links to your site, promotion is also quite obvious. But remember not to publish the same information. Information on the classification of the site, and the relevant information on the industry site, the network business opportunities Forum ( are free to download.

2) C2C advertising promotion

      online advertising, as well as C2C? This is the mother of Ali out of. We can look at, why this is also a cheap way to promote it? See Ali mother know, where there is one yuan, ten yuan area. The price is relatively low, but the web can access content is not high, but if you find on the website (such as industry related websites, compared with you, your potential customer concentration, the target user stickiness large website) for advertising, price is also very good.

3) search engine promotion

      search engine promotion why also listed here, I think the search engine promotion is also relatively cheap. 100 dollars will be able to log on Google Adsense. Baidu PPC cost is relatively high, up to $3000. 600 dollars is the service fee, the balance of the account is $2400, there are users click on your ad from the inside of the 2400 buckle, buckle end.

      other free promotion is not within the scope of the article. There may be a lot of other cheap website promotion methods, I hope you can add, discuss together. Author: Ma Wangyeh published: business network forum. Reprint shall not arbitrarily modify the title and article content, and retain the author information.

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