Take European Cup micro-blog marketing force

              European Cup immediately ushered in the ending climax, remove the high ratings first brought by 1/4 and 1/2 and the final next will impact the new peak viewing, although the world cup is not "blue" in the world, with a host of out of Poland subsequently, Robben took the Holland team streaking a European Cup three zero in Ireland and Ukraine, the end of the 2012 European Cup career in 19, No. 20, both after a quiz.

is the kind of uncontrollable puzzle fans and pseudo fans ushered in a carnival this summer, many businesses are thrilled by the opening of a tournament prize crazy to seize the European Cup time exposure. All you want do not want mobile phone, digital, eat drink play made with micro-blog like shuabing. A quiz road course thanks to Cai Wensheng during the world cup 32 iPhone4 guidelines, all enterprises want to take the opportunity to get crazy fans, so the European Cup became kuangsong Festival prize.

our purpose is to do marketing, the purpose of marketing is to promote products or services, with the help of effective recognition strength binding external social events to promote products or businesses, if just copy the Handan all guess, an end to the last European Cup, you can get what? While the European Cup semi-finals breakthrough no, we share a little about an example of marketing techniques, companies can took the opportunity to seize the European Cup tail, don’t let yourself think to catch the whole summer, extending his hand but only caught a cicada.

European Cup breakthrough two shortcut, rich handsome enterprises generally choose media buying or micro-blog strong prize marketing, Canon, McDonald’s, Adidas basically with financial strength to blaze a trail. This marketing model unlike Tang Jun’s success can copy and paste. A strong marketing more needless to say, micro-blog search at a European Cup quiz, crashed iPhone4, iPad everywhere, this year is a iPhone and iPad activities had become standard, 10 and 20, you want to send how much to send, as to who can get the most natural only do well.

grass root enterprise marketing force had to follow micro-blog TV to send send send vouchers without refrigerator, follow the footsteps of enterprises stop a bit more carefully for the audience to think what they want? If only for the European Cup Bo eyeball economy, find a white Formica than iPhone to send a kiss to the more cost-effective, send, send out your enterprise whether you want to get to


mentioned this real-time marketing, we have to mention once the octopus brother did not create a great sensation, something you can see send various media headlines, the aquarium to rise, why can he succeed? @ Shao Jiayi in 8 following the game against the China version become the crow mouth "Bailey" after another micro-blog users @ the A new force suddenly rises. doll 8, 7, > what

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