Social media marketing focuses on human nature

with the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, social media marketing intensified, especially in the mobile Internet has significant social attributes to accelerate the spread of the whole society relationship chain, so that companies and individuals can actively participate in social marketing, corporate social marketing can bring tremendous brand in a short time, individual and society marketing is creating a lot of network reds and shocking network scripts, it is the probability of Internet makes overnight increases greatly, as it is social media marketing to make overnight easier. But at the same time, the influence of social media marketing as the mobile Internet, more and more homogeneous, many enterprises and individuals to imitate, social media marketing content more and more in the form of information dissemination because be quite different, but more and more quickly, there will be a lot of social marketing content because of fierce competition has been submerged in the Internet information sea. Therefore, in the current lack of social media marketing is able to really into the hearts of the user’s marketing content. So, in the end what kind of social media marketing is more able to make the company’s products and brands, personal image and reputation by the majority of Internet users to recognize it?

first of all, social media marketing needs "human nature". The social media marketing can be spread, the most fundamental reason is because the content is enough to attract people, otherwise, why is there a pass ten, ten pass 100 effect? Social marketing content outstanding is the need to carefully created, either in form is found in text, picture or video form if you can let the majority of Internet users are willing to go to see, can cause psychological, emotional, emotional resonance can produce a good marketing effect. In other words, the social media marketing content of the topic to let everyone have something to say". A recent example: everyone is talking about Jing Chai’s "under the dome", although it is said that the marketing of Jing Chai’s success is because of a variety of " natural, and " but if not, the environmental pollution caused by haze arouse the topic that people want to say what. Even if all the hype continues to force, it may not be able to let the marketing to bring such a big social influence.

secondly, social media marketing needs "human" products. Many Internet Co have been constantly developing new products, whether it is a virtual service or product entity, all the social media platforms on the market, we think about it, which now has the company developed a new tall mobile phone, smart devices not in micro-blog, WeChat’s marketing. So, these businesses and individuals to take out why some products marketing can produce a popular night effect? One of the important reasons, because of its products with the "human nature", as long as there is even a small idea can make a product, and then through the popular social marketing platform. This example is more and more, face MOE, nervous cat, and even with a 1 word WeChat head and pictures are able to cause users crazy forwarding in a short time. Social media platform

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