nterpretation of the 6 micro-blog marketing value

a few years ago, micro-blog launched, some people think that micro-blog is actually essays, or even SMS complaints is boring. For our grassroots promotion personnel, may really be so. But for an enterprise, their attitude towards micro-blog is not the same. Our micro-blog is used for entertainment, and corporate micro-blog is to get the appropriate return on micro-blog. For example, to enhance their visibility in micro-blog to sell their products, or to establish a good corporate reputation. So, naturally, micro-blog marketing also came into being. This definition is still very vague, so micro-blog marketing to do some kind of thing, what kind of. Let me introduce you. Micro-blog marketing, mainly the following several types of value:

first: the real value of the value of micro-blog.

give an example. Recently discovered a "Amoy side" of micro-blog. The contents of its release is mainly used by various types of idle Taobao news. Taobao used to promote the use of the net, to play its value, so the establishment of the micro-blog, on the one hand to be able to claim their products well. And the most important thing is that it is not just to patronize their own interests, but it also provides value for the majority of users. These values are all kinds of second-hand products. Since then, users and enterprises to share the benefits, to achieve common goals.

second: micro-blog’s value added interaction.

a new product needs to be recognized, there is a good platform for promotion is very important. Although we use a variety of tools, such as the theme of WordPress can achieve the purpose of rapid site publicity. However, due to the small audience, poor interactivity, it may not be able to achieve good results to a certain extent. UC micro-blog is a typical example of such enterprises micro-blog. In some time ago, UC launched a new UC9.0, in order to get good results, this time UC really spent a lot of thought. Recent sweepstakes is very frequent. The so-called sweepstakes is that users can forward their micro-blog to draw, IPHONE5 and other products are likely to fall on your head. Through a period of interaction, UC micro-blog spread on it, and a lot of word of mouth.

Third kinds of

: micro-blog value to provide entertainment.

enterprise should not be cold, and only the user can get a good reputation. There are many companies micro-blog will release some interesting jokes, such as cold jokes, popular pictures or videos, songs and so on. In short, as long as the customer feel that your micro-blog has the value of existence, then they will definitely come to watch, comment. Micro-blog so lively, in the whole seems to be excellent or not.

Fourth kinds of

: micro-blog micro-blog

this type of micro-blog to do a lot of things is to advertise for businesses

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