Analysis of three problems that can not be ignored in media marketing

now, the main purpose of constructing self media is rewarded in work and life and other aspects, such as development of interpersonal relationship, promote products, enhance their visibility and influence. It can be said that since the media business model has become more and more commercialized, of course, this model is the inevitable product of the development of the times.

but unfortunately, although many people are using the media, but the effect of marketing from the media is not very good. At present, most of the media operators will need to pay attention to the following three questions.

positioning is not clear

often see some people from the media, its name is displayed in the training industry, can be released every day most of the content is about from time to time to idle away in seeking pleasure, a training industry news, do you think that the media have since influence? Fans can increase? Obviously, the answer is no.. These are from the media marketing purpose is not clear performance. The purpose of media marketing must be clear, otherwise, not only can not reach the effect, but also damage your image.

therefore, in order to let you from the media to maintain stable and high quality fan base, produce marketing most, it must give it a clear positioning, so that one can provide content and good service for the fans, on the other hand can easily and business partners and create value.

poor sustainability

is now a lot of play from the media is very casual, one day a great poet, wrote several articles published, the day after drinking to speak, write a few articles vent emotions, when work is busy, three or four days did not see his media since. This approach makes the fans unstable, the quality of the decline. In general, the sustainability of its operations is poor. This kind of self media operators into a misunderstanding, they think: a feeling or occasionally promotion products, is to do self media marketing. But these people do not know, not sustainable marketing is of little value.

around a lot of friends playing WeChat, some of the more familiar with the enterprise also opened a public micro signal. In these people, there are a considerable part of the above errors, they seem to promote the product, the promotion of the brand, but they use the commercial value of the media is not very high. So, often hear someone complaining: other people’s micro-blog, WeChat can sell products, but their own little effect!


although some people from the media all day in the hard work, access to the influence of some fans, but it can not be converted into commercial value. In this regard, some people from the media is not calm, starting from the media content into commercial value, gross benefit. But at the same time, there has been a bigger problem, because over commercialization, resulting in the quality of the content of the media declined, the content is more kilometers. In the process of cooperation with others, if there is no success to help each other to achieve business value, no

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