Quan Ren StarVC investment technology to complete the $500 million E round of financing

November 21st in Beijing, which owns the second shot, small coffee show, a live broadcast of three popular products about science and technology held a formal financing conference to confirm the completion of $500 million E round of financing. This is the history of science and technology in the history of a single round of financing the highest amount of time, while this round of financing has also hit a record amount of domestic mobile video industry’s largest single round of financing. As an early investor, StarVC founder Quan Ren was invited to attend. In recent years, Quan Ren gradually faded in the art circle, the transition to become an investor, and his first investment project is about science and technology.


, Quan Ren on a science and technology high hopes, he hopes the second shot, a live, small coffee show can be in people’s life and work not less than a social tool, science and technology is also constantly close towards this goal. Since 2014 the bucket challenges, the second shot has become the largest domestic PGC short video broadcast platform, the average daily amount of play up to 2 billion times. Small coffee show after the line quickly swept, Venus and Fu Yuanhui Orange Juice Satin hot field force of the various imitation detonated social networks. The May launch of a new live platform has become one of the mainstream domestic broadcast platform, the number of millions of people across the network coverage.


is the following Quan Ren speech:

good afternoon, everyone is very happy today, saw two new friends meet, and lin ning eldest brother also joined the big family, in fact, with the science and technology cooperation began in four years ago. Most of these four years to invest in the company is about science and technology. Why do I like this company, because it changed me. Three or four years ago I invested in the company, or an actor, then a lot of people ask me, what power can make you quit acting, and so resolute? I said, I contacted the company from the beginning, learned a lot, the company let me grow quickly, but also let me do the most determined choice, is what I should do what.


, this five years is not easy, I remember meeting four years ago investors, at that time the company’s development is not so fast, the future is not so clear, there are sad when, there is also a time when the team very difficult, but I think that when our team really is no more excuse, no more reason, just to discuss future with investors, Han Zong said modestly that we have a point, we should listen to anyone’s advice, suggestions for the development of Future Ltd.


is such a low-key team, quietly doing things, the company has also changed the habit of many star performers. Jia Nailiang just sitting next to me, I saw him a smile, before I saw him not.

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