Soft and hard wide phase auxiliary phase is the truth of marketing

hard ads are relatively familiar to everyone, we see in newspapers and magazines, television, radio, Internet and other media to see and hear the four products are pure advertising advertising. The soft name as the name suggests is relative to rigid advertising, by the company’s marketing planning personnel or advertising company’s copywriter to be responsible for writing the text ads".

Compared with the traditional hard advertising

, soft Wen is called soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly. Perhaps you react when it is a soft Wen, you have fallen into the cloth under the huge network.

in this era of the Internet, the network is essential, but does not mean that traditional advertising is superfluous, hard hard wide benefits, the two complement each other, firmness and flexibility but can get better effect.

a hard ad

refers to the traditional form of merchandise and service content of advertising, published by newspapers, billboards, radio and television broadcasting and other publicity, a strongman accept the feeling.

marketing guru Ferriz said: "refusal, is the nature of the customer." They often took the leaflets because of sympathy advertising, then look casually thrown into the trash; the first thing they open a web page is to turn off the pop ads; they gave birth to the TB video website account business, buy a variety of video website VIP account in order to skip 60s advertisement. Therefore, whether it is exposed to the leaflets hard wide or network promotion, the audience in the first moment of instinct or resistance and rejection.

The advantages of

hard advertising is able to quickly spread and let people know that "power" is strong; the most widely involved objects; often can increase the public impression; dynamic; full of sound and colour, involving the crowd wide, so it has been become the most preferred enterprise.

, however, the high cost of advertising input; penetration is weak; commercial flavor strong; but now a lot of advertising is also very interesting, and even people like to see the ads, you may wish to refer to a lot of advertising.

two. Soft Wen

soft, we say more, but also more practical, but its longer cycle. The company advertising promotion, product promotion, and establish brand image have a great effect, therefore, the great power of soft advertising has been recognized by the people, especially in the vast network of sea, soft advertising is gradually becoming the main, unmatched promotion of magic.

The advantages of

soft over hard advertising penetration strong commercial flavor; advertising; low cost; and some dry cargo articles also allows consumers to increase their knowledge, expand their horizons. And if it is the story of the form, it will allow consumers to bring into the story, if you write a wonderful, even if you know the back is soft, the user will not be too upset.


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