[case] Nikon is so through social media to promote their own brand

[case] Nikon is so through social media to promote their own brand

Warner Music Group held a SXSW Music Residency in 2013, Nikon would like to take this opportunity to make a different attempt, so, unlike other companies, Nikon in the festival and not to record all the music show personally, but to make every one of Nikon fans Nikon handheld camera to record. They pick out the fans and give each fan a

excuse me, why did Nikon do this successfully?

actually there is a leap of thought. If we want others to spread our message through social media. Is to let others forward, upload and. So, our products used for them, let them upload forwarding. They need the tools anyway. Through the above introduction, we found that the success of this matter has the following factors

1, the use of the SXSW Music Residency hot. This is in the right place, to find the right people, to promote their own valuable content. Therefore, to promote their own brands, we must find this hot, find this can spread hot. For each industry have this opportunity. Take it easy.

2, according to their own product features. Find the right people. Under the right circumstances. Autonomous completion. Also with WIFI. How carefully, and then these music experts, but also the use of Nikon experience, the use of the effect of the spread out, but also to communicate with others.

3, Nikon products must be excellent quality. If shooting. At this time if your product, the appearance of novel. This is a powerful function of propaganda. This in itself can attract people’s attention. So, do you think it’s a big deal?.


no matter what we do products, we must find the use of this product activities, or place. Be sure to know where our products are used. And then we can find and our products related to the hot spots, like, Li Moumou case for the law. Nikon for SXSW Music Residency. In addition, we must strive to improve the quality of their products, at least to attract people. It’s a natural attraction. Finally, people have to upload to share their emotions, this time you need to use a good Nikon camera. You just give them, remember to match the WIFI service must be in place. Reprint please indicate: http://s.mark.zhiyiwang.com

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