Amazon launched a free shop to take out the checkout without queuing

Internet giant Amazon in Seattle opened a shop does not need to line up checkout Amazon Go, is currently in the testing phase. Free checkout shopping experience relies on a large number of cameras and microphones, the technology used and similar to self driving cars. At the peak of the holiday shopping, consumers often have to queue up for a long time to buy the right goods. With Amazon Go, queuing checkout this drudgery will become the past.

took it without leaving the checkout

Amazon Go free checkout shopping experience is based on a series of technologies, including a large number of cameras and microphones, large cloud computing server and Alexa voice assistant. The entire shopping process is simple – into the store, take things, leave, no queuing checkout. Consumers need only Amazon account, smart phones and Amazon Go applications. They need to bind the credit card to APP, in order to achieve automatic settlement. In a video, Amazon uses a large number of terms to explain the working principle of Amazon Go, including computer vision, depth learning algorithm and sensor fusion.

technology for free checkout shopping, Amazon declined to comment. However, Amazon 2014 application, a patent issued in 2015 may help us uncover its mysterious veil. Free checkout shopping experience relies on a large number of cameras and microphones, the technology used and similar to self driving cars. According to the patent specification, consumers will be labeled when entering Amazon Go.

In the Amazon

video, Amazon Go two-dimensional code consumers to open on the mobile phone, after entering the shop brush the QR code, they can identify such a monitoring system store, and then track their store activities. When consumers stop at the front of the shelves, the camera will take pictures of them and record their choice whether to keep the goods in their hands or put them back on the shelves. "When the user’s hand is off the shelf, the photographer will take one or more photos to record the process. These images will be compared with other images to determine whether the user has selected the goods, or take it back and put it back on the shelf."


camera head is even able to identify the consumer’s skin tone to help the system determine whether it is the target consumer’s hand. An image analysis system is used to analyze the first image to determine the color of the user’s hand, the color of the skin, or a series of colors similar to the color of the user. These colors may also be identified and linked to the target user. Because each person’s skin color is unique, this comparative analysis can distinguish the two consumers near the shelf, to avoid errors.

reverse echo location

free checkout shopping experience relies on surprisingly powerful computing power. In this regard, Amazon is the leader, Alexa voice control system is the best proof of the advent of the. Ale>

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