Marketing actual combat optimization of poor evaluation, access to Taobao good sales

why do consumers complain because they expect you to listen to what they really think – it’s a wake-up call and an opportunity. As a business should be most worried about is not the consumer complaints, but consumers are no longer a complaint! Because they have been to you completely give up, because they think you are no longer worthy of trust.

forum shopping these days, found a very good case, first of all to thank Mr. Wang Lizhu for the "brush Taobao can bring bad sales soared in their own personal space?" case:


(Figure 1)

from Figure 1, we can see the specific circumstances of the case provided by mr.. In recent years, Taobao’s evaluation system, provides an additional evaluation function, this function allows Taobao buyers can evaluate a product after long-term use, as well as Taobao fans welcome.

as a Taobao business, every day has the opportunity to accept different challenges, for example, from the buyer’s poor. When we go to Taobao shopping, often can be seen from the evaluation of the contradictions between the two sides, such as the following figure is a more common difference between buyers and sellers after the emergence of poor contrast:


(Figure 2)

above is the author of the Hongkong host service provider of a poor review, we can learn from here the source of their contradictions. I believe to have purchased overseas host friends, are likely to be hacked? The author has also been the host of Hongkong hang black chain, but the author found in the clear, the original is to set up the CMS program from too many loopholes that hackers can take advantage of it to guide appear black chain, then when I played all kinds of patches, currently in good condition.

However, from the above

buyers, the author estimated and its anti vulnerability did not do the work, but I can also experience a hanging black chain after the mood when all pages need to be cleaned, and no backup on hand, the kind of indescribable feelings of bitterness. This will have an idea whether the space service provider.? honestly, when I was linked to the black chain, also have a strong challenge, because in the past use of the domestic space, completely not the case. Later, the author learned through various channels regardless of any host, as long as there is no protection of their own work, it is easy to become a hacker test tool object.

Figure 2

for the space service provider, is the trust, although he is embittered, and hope that through the "shopkeeper reply" bar to representations, but in his treatment of bad work is not done, but make yourself more passive. In fact, the difference in the evaluation of Taobao is the spread of power, as long as a good grasp of the review in a timely manner to optimize the words, then the poor evaluation may play an unexpected

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