Product point of view why WeChat did not become the main position of Malaysia Airlines incident spre


text / Chen Haining

Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact event will be loaded with world aviation history, should also be remembered by history as well as Sina micro-blog, this social media play a irreplaceable role in this incident. According to the micro-blog index shows that in March 8th the keyword Malaysia Airlines in Sina micro-blog reached 1 million 700 thousand times the amount of discussion, and in the day before, the discussion of this keyword is only about 66. Topic heat behind the rapid warming, is the concern of many users of the event.

at the same time, I saw a lot of people have such a question, is the same with hundreds of millions of users, attracting a large number of media and media organizations of WeChat, in the dissemination of the same information, always a step slower than micro-blog, micro-blog users @ data management even clear that WeChat circle of friends news behind at least 10 micro-blog. Why WeChat did not become the main position of information dissemination of this incident? For this problem, most of them are from the aspect of product attributes to answer this question, that micro-blog is WeChat media, instant messaging tools, Haining believes this answer is still unable to meet the curious, I try to explain this problem from the perspective of product design.

will spread out a message, Sina micro-blog, users need only two operations: click the forward button, click ok. While at WeChat, is divided into two kinds, one is from the public, or other WAP and app share, users will need to spread out this information at least 4 times: tap into the original page, click on the upper right corner in the drop-down box, click the "share to friends" in the pop-up box, click "send"; another is the user issued directly in the circle of friends of the text, this information will be passed out, the user needs at least 6 operations: press text, click the "copy", press the camera button on the top right corner, press the input box, click Paste, click the "post", of course. If there is a picture, the number of operations will be more complex. From this point of view, in the transmission of information, because micro-blog is simple, complex miscellaneous WeChat beat.

High efficiency

also reflected in the information source, micro-blog forward button design makes the most of the sources of information preserved in passing, even false information, then get a lot of communication, simply delete the information source in a certain extent, cut off the spread of false information chain. In WeChat, information dissemination chain is cut off, after the deletion of information copy of the still large spread (in fact, WeChat users are simply unable to ascertain whether the source of information where WeChat), there is no way to do a timely initiative and effective rumor.

of course, shattered more than just a source of information or official work, everyone can take the initiative on the information discriminating judgment, and this, WeChat does not provide users like micro-blog that active access to information.

a lot of people say that compared to WeChat, micro-blog users get information more active, but there is no solution

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