Please do not enter the bane of network promotion

network promotion, were not a specialized occupation, and not a need what professional knowledge can work, so a lot of graduation did not find the job of college students, and through the "network promotion" into the line, do network promotion of many people, so the network promotion also became a occupation, even more body pastry, called network marketing.

entered the industry personnel quality can vary, also do not have a corresponding industry code of conduct, not a system of network promotion course authority for people to learn, and also caused many industry problems. There are many extension workers, made after a period of time, do not know how to start, then something that promotion, not what can be learned, so their own also formed a mindset, to limit their level in a tiny circle of level.

The author

Wang Yuezhang have gone through this stage, so today and you talk, not into the bane of network promotion. Because there are a lot of friends in this forum, there are a lot of confusion, so I have to write an article to share the idea of the article.

common network promotion bane:

1, network promotion is a very advanced technology.

network promotion is not a technology, but do network promotion is the need for a certain technology, for example, we have to know HTML, have to understand some simple code knowledge, these can be reflected when doing seo.

2, network promotion only need to send advertising posts on it.

this is indeed a very narrow view, but also just stay in the very superficial understanding, and the surface is, the post, the top post, writing to the article, do, can only be called forum propaganda, has not reached the state of marketing, marketing is through the campaign or occasion to achieve a promotion purpose, contains a lot of wisdom.

3, only agreed to free promotion, while ignoring the payment promotion

many companies, even with the marketing department is also doing some free promotion, promotion personnel uneven, free promotion often do very tired, but the effect is not too obvious, especially some do not fit the free network promotion industry, promoting most free methods are not friendly to the enterprise brand so many times, do free promotion tired, but the effect is not good. So, more often, we have to consider the promotion of pay, after all, money is the most effective way to make money.

, only 4 sites, people do not recognize

this is very terrible, many friends came to the house to do the promotion, website, began to like a whoop and a holler, big horn, it is propaganda out, not to contact and human consciousness, most of the time, they do a lot of publicity, but QQ is not too much to talk to friends. A little. It is terrible if we declare

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