Zhou Hongyi fun marketing strategy from the point of view of God micro-blog mobile phone

The essence of

Zhou Hongyi is a master of marketing, with the Tencent battle to promote their own 360 antivirus; he extended search using Baidu search attack to attract eyeballs; now do mobile phone, Lei Jun millet Tucao began to get someone’s attention.


Zhou Hongyi do this, some of the entertainment star hype taste. Some time ago on the red carpet of Bo eye blanket star Zhang Xinyu, and the recent speculation is worse Yang Ziqing. As these two or three line star, not on the front line star, is not entertainment headlines.

this close to the stock market, although the "national team" to support the stock market, 7.7 "disaster day" is still a miserable green. Zhou Hongyi Bryant can also use mobile phone on this popular event, in relation to their products.


this is a real understanding and use of event marketing, which is Zhou Hongyi’s marketing strategy.

in this increasingly competitive era, in this old method have fallen era, luck and courage survival time has gone for ever, the strategy for an enterprise is very important. Today I easily embrace here, and we talk about the strategy of the topic.

There are three components of

strategy: positioning, patterns and activities.

we used to make the strategy, will be how to think? Should think of this: the advantages and disadvantages of our enterprise where? We should in several sectors? What is the short-term goal of each sector, the long-term goal is what these goals? What kind of organization? What kind of talent? How many the financial budget and so on?.

the formulation of this strategy is from the perspective of the enterprise, rather than the consumer’s point of view. I call this "enterprise brand" – oriented strategic planning.

will find that when you really go to the implementation of this strategy, customers do not buy it. You can’t create a strong brand in the minds of your target customers.

however, if our goal is to generate value for the customer, the customer will come out of the pocket money. We must aim at all improvements to customer service. Once the implementation of such a plan, it will play a role, there is no reason for customers to refuse your products and services, and then, your brand as the preferred target customers, the development of a strong brand. I call this "user brand" – oriented strategic planning.


, for example, if you do a "business oriented" to Procter & Gamble Company strategic planning, the core issue is "how do I do this, Procter & Gamble" may not have the power to consumers; and you give all the brand strategic planning of the Procter & Gamble to formulate a "user oriented", it is "the core issue how do I get rid of dandruff shampoo.

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